Here are some things you need to enjoy a fun casino theme party

Party is the best excuse to get people together, be they friends, family, or colleagues. Because gambling is something we all enjoy or wish to do, casino theme parties are very popular. A casino theme party has the advantage of not involving real money. While you will...

Advertise Offline Poker Affiliate Program

You can promote your poker services offline by using flyers or other promotional materials offered by many affiliate programs. Promoting a poker room can make you a lot of money if you are in the right audience. Poker is a popular game for all ages. The average player...

Online Casino Gamblers: Betting Systems

This article will explain six popular betting methods that you can use in your online casino gaming experience. These tried-and-true betting systems were developed in offline betting. However, they can be used online as well, regardless of the game or betting structure.

Before you start: Most of these systems require that you decide ahead of time what your betting unit will look like (e.g., the minimum allowed bet at the casino or game).

1-3-2-6 Betting System

This online casino betting system’s foundation is the idea that players can win any game up to 4 times before losing. This is recognized as a Positive Progression system. It means that your winnings will increase.

Here’s how it works:

– You can bet 1 unit per round of betting until you win the round.

– Place three units of your winnings on the next round (second).

– You can win the second round by placing two units on your next round (the third).

– You can win the third round by placing a bet of 6 units on your next round (the fourth).

– Now, regardless of what happens (win, lose), you will return to the beginning, betting 1 unit each round until your win one.

Simple is the risk-reward equation with the 1-2-3-3 betting system. After four rounds of play, you can win up to 6 times your original wager while only risking two units.

The worst scenario for the 1-2-3 betting system is losing six consecutive rounds. It doesn’t matter. You can win four straight games.

The Martingale System

This is a Negative Progress system. It means that your losses will increase.

This online casino betting system’s foundation is the idea that a player can lose infinitely without ever winning a single round. The Martingale system was created to help you offset all your losses by winning one single game.

This system works best when an online casino game pays out a 1:1 payout ratio for each bet. Here’s how it works.

– Place your first bet with whatever amount you have decided to place;

– Bet the same amount if you win. If you lose, you can bet twice the amount.

– You can double your stake if you lose again

This online casino betting system is not for everyone. It would help if you had a large bankroll to use the Martingale system. Also, you must be able to increase your bets when your losses get worse.

You may lose enough to reach the betting limit of an online casino and not be allowed to increase your bet or win back your losses.

The D’Alenbert system

Another Negative Progression system. This is also an Insurance System because it increases the number of your winnings. This is how it works:

– You can raise your stakes every time you lose.

– Every time you win, your stakes are reduced by one unit

If you want to be successful, this system requires a sufficient online casino bankroll.

You can add the insurance system to your negative progression system, and you will be able to hedge your growing losses while still making some profit every time you win.

Online Games and Sites to play

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