Television reporters and associate producers recently asked about the site’s purpose to help people overcome gambling addictions. They seek people to share their stories about how local gambling establishments have affected them. Most of these cases involve people who fear embarrassment from their family and friends. They don’t want to talk about how their lives were affected.

Recently, I was contacted by BET nightly news. They asked for your help finding people whose lives were affected by gambling. All five individuals refused to talk or resolve the issue, and I interviewed him for fear of being recognized. Its website helped me stop gambling, and so can you.

It was a blessing to have the opportunity to meet people with different backgrounds and learn more about their gambling habits. I was allowed to share their stories as long as they agreed that their identities would not be revealed. In the hope of reaching politicians, I shared some of these stories with associate producers and reporters.

One politician I spoke to said that he was trying to pass legislation prohibiting people from using their credit cards to purchase lottery scratch tickets and local shops. It was funny at first. People who want to win the lottery Tickets will be delivered with or without credit cards. Legislators will need to see a larger image. The majority of people living within six miles of the gambling establishments are adversely affected.

The opening of Connecticut’s casino was almost ten years ago. Most people spend their money in casinos, not local shops and malls. Legislators need to understand that the size of the casino will increase due to the amount of money lost. Instead of gambling and losing money, we could use it to grow our economy.

Real political leaders love revenues from the casino. They can look good to voters because they don’t have to raise taxes. The political leaders care that the current economy is adversely affected. It is possible to stop this if people are informed and told the truth about private drug addiction. Based on their experience and knowledge in this area, I predict that there will be no gambling-related devastation in five years.

When I spoke with reporters, it was also my question why they didn’t mention a direct correlation between increased casino numbers and the number of gambling losses. They don’t have an answer. The media cover each story about the man who won a million bucks. While the media didn’t mention that the casino took more than one million dollars per day from the slots machines, they also reported on the winning player worth millions of dollars. This distorted view leads people to seek self-destruction in the hope of winning big once.

Gambling establishment operators are incredibly greedy. Some states have recently introduced penny slots to attract the elderly and low-income families. They believe all spaces are open to everyone, not just the wealthy. They don’t care about their identity or how many lives they endanger. What I discovered was that gambling establishments do not discriminate. They will happily accept your money with a smile if you have it.

Mohegan Sun Casino, Uncasville, CT, ran an event in which they were almost 50 dollars vouchers. This was to unify people in a casino. I was informed a week later of the 15 people who had actually used the coupons and lost anywhere from 100 to 1000 dollars in one visit. You must know how to attract people into a casino. An inveterate player requested to be removed from their mailing list to avoid being tempted. The gambling establishments don’t care.

They will continue to email you information but less often. The casino offers $ 400 and 100 dollars vouchers to people who visit the gift of creation. They have been able to find players for gifts since the holidays. However, once they received the player back at the casino, it was time to hook them up again. This isn’t very pleasant. Is this a manipulative tactic to get the player before or disappointing?

Statistics show that gambling is on the rise while the economy is in trouble. Does the current economy have a connection with gambling? Is the policy a step in helping these people? People should take a stand and hope that politicians will help them.
I believe there are many options to help you return to gambling.

I have extensive experience dealing with compulsive gamblers, their friends and families, and teenage players. Many of the letters I receive from compulsive gamblers ask for alternatives to Gamblers Anonymous or a twelve-step program. While programs like this may help some people each year, many more need to be supported. This is what I want to help. This is why I want to provide options for compulsive gamers to overcome their addiction.