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Clue slots

Clue, also known as Cluedo by millions around the globe, is one of the most popular board games ever made. It is a simple game where players attempt to solve a mystery of murder by walking around a mansion trying to find the culprit, their weapon, and the room where the crime occurred. The game is a mixture of luck and strategy. Players must gather clues to piece together the details of the crime. They should only allow their opponents to collect a little information.

Many developers have reimagined this classic slot machine over the years into numerous different slot machines for both land-based and online play. Clue, a WMS slot machine, is one of the most recent versions.WMS has created many other games based on this theme. However, ClueClue is one of many.

Collect Your Clues

The ClueClue is a 40-line, five-reel slot machine on the Scientific Games-powered Play4Fun Network. You can play many different slot machines free of charge or try them out in our online slots library. This title has one purpose: you will need to match symbols from left to right across all your active pay lines. More significant matches earn higher rewards.

You can use many symbols to claim your prizes, as usual. The classic signs of poker rank, such as jacks, queens, and kings, are at the lowest end. They are the standard in the gaming world. Images of crime scenes or weapons that could be used to commit murder are other exciting symbols. The suspect icons are our favorite: These are created to look like small dossiers and include photos of actors playing the characters from the board game, such as Mrs. Peacock, Mr. Plum, or Professor Plum.

Solving the Case

It can be tedious to match symbols repeatedly, so ClueClue has other tricks. You can unlock various unique features during gameplay, such as a free spin round and a jackpot game.

Our favorite is the bonus that best captures the essence of the game it is based on. You’ll find five files in this “solving crime” game. Each file relates to a suspect or room and a weapon. There are 18 cards that you can see in a grid. You can click on any card to reveal a prize. However, it may also begin filling in the murders. You’ll get credit for every task you complete, such as Colonel Mustard in the Dining Room.

The latest edition of a worldwide favorite

The Clue is a beloved board game that has been appreciated by millions of people worldwide, regardless of its format. It has been used in VCR-based and computer games, television programs, movies, and even Broadway musicals. There have been many interpretations of the original board game.

WMS’s latest game is an excellent addition to its legacy and should bring new players to the game. It features a vibrant cast of characters and offers lucrative bonus rounds that are both fun and lucrative. This game will appeal to both new and old slot players and long-time fans of the series.